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Conversations About Her

Watch The Trailer For Horror Film ‘Ouija’ | Film Trailer

  The trailer for horror film Ouija has premiered online. The producers of the film Insidious worked on this new horror movie which is scheduled to be released on Halloween this year. The film is based upon the board game of the same name. A group of friends must play the board game in order to get rid of the supernatural[…]

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Marvel Confirms Secret Film To Be Released In May 2018 | Film News

  Marvel confirms a secret film is scheduled to be released on the 4th of May 2018. The film giant recently announced that they would be releasing a host of new films from the 28th of July 2017 to the 3rd of May 2019. The films include Doctor Strange, Black Panther, Hulk, Black Widow, Ant Man and Captain America. There[…]

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Watch The Global Trailer For ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ | Film Trailer

  Fifty Shades Of Grey has finally released its first official global trailer. The plot shows Anastasia Steele a recent university graduate who finds herself embroiled in a new world after meeting businessman Christian Grey. The trailer shows Steele and Grey’s first encounter, Grey’s face is blurred in the opening part of the trailer to portray mystique. Dakota Johnson and[…]

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‘Pirates Of The Caribbean 5’ To Be Released In July 2017 | Film News

  Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean 5 has scheduled to release the film on the 8th of July 2017. The upcoming film Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales will follow the adventures of Captain Jack Sparrow played by Johnny Depp. The franchise launched in 2003 with the The Curse of the Black Pearl, and actors Keira Knightley[…]

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Marvel Will Launch One Sequel & New Film Franchise Every Year Says Kevin Feige | Film News

  Iron Man and Avengers Assemble producer Kevin Feige says Marvel will launch at least one sequel and a new film franchise every year. He said that they hope to release another Avengers film and Ant-Man next year. He also reveals that releasing the film Guardians of the Galaxy allowed them to portray superheroes in a different way, this gave[…]

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