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Conversations About Her

Watch ‘The Longest Week’ Trailer Starring Jason Bateman | Film Trailer

  Jason Bateman stars in the new official trailer for The Longest Week. Bateman is Conrad Valmont a 40-year old man who is the heir to the Valmont hotel fortune. He has received the best education and never had to really work to earn a living. He is forced into a tricky predicament when his parents’ divorce, which cuts off[…]

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Iroko TV To Widen Its Film Offerings | Film News

  Iroko TV, one of the most prominent websites for watching Nollywood and Ghallywood films, has announced that it will soon allow viewers to watch much more than just Nigerian and Ghanaian cinema. The website appears to be widening its genre as it plans to include Hollywood and Bollywood films, Spanish language dramas (Telemundo), Korean language dramas, as well as[…]

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Secret Cinema’s ‘Back to The Future’ Screenings Now Scheduled To Begin Today, July 31 | Film News

  Secret Cinema will finally be hosting its Back to the Future film screenings, starting later today (July 31, 2014) and running for a month until August 31, 2014. The previous screenings taking place from the 24th of July to the 27th of July had to be cancelled due to unavoidable circumstances. Thousands of ticket holders for the screening at[…]

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Quentin Tarantino To Release ‘Kill Bill’ Films Together As One Movie ‘The Whole Bloody Affair’ | Film News

  Director Quentin Tarantino is set to release all of the Kill Bill films in one movie titled Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair. Tarantino originally wanted to release both of the films as one but gave into pressure from the film studio to split them and make more manageable. Furthermore, the anime scenes in the film are meant to[…]

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‘Sin City: A Dame to Kill’ Red Band Trailer Sets Film World Alight | Film Trailer

  The red-band trailer for Sin City: A Dame to Kill has set alight the film world. The story line for the film focuses on multiple intertwining stories, and in the trailer, the leading characters from the first film try to tie up loose ends. You can expect loads of action, beautifully put-together cinematography, thrilling romance and a cameo from[…]

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