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Watch The New Trailer For ‘The Boxtrolls’ | Film Trailer

  The new trailer for upcoming animated film The Boxtrolls has premiered. It tells the story of a group of friendly creatures called the Boxtrolls who live in underground caves and collect rubbish. They take on the task of raising a young boy called Eggs who is an orphan. The bad guy Archibald Snatcher threatens to ruin this happy family[…]

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Josh Brolin Reveals More To Come From His ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Character Thanos | Film News

  Actor Josh Brolin has revealed that fans will be able to see more of his Guardians of the Galaxy character Thanos. His character had a brief appearance in the action movie and will be making three major appearances on the film screen very soon. He has said his next appearance as Thanos will be in upcoming film Big Bad.[…]

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Watch ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ Confront Shredder In New Clip | Film News

  A new clip has arrived online for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. In the video, the four turtles are trying to escape from their sworn enemy and his men, the foot clan, and the four turtles can be seen enjoying a beat boxing session before confronting their arch nemesis Shredder. Fans of the franchise can expect loads of action, to[…]

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‘Downton Abbey’ Actor Dan Stevens Stars In ‘The Guest’ | Film Trailer

  Downton Abbey actor Dan Stevens stars in trailer for upcoming thriller film The Guest. He plays David a man who manages to infiltrate the Peterson family who are grieving the death of their son Caleb, a soldier who died while on duty in Afghanistan. David tells the family that he is a friend of their son and Caleb’s siblings[…]

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Nicolas Cage Tries To Survive The Post-Apocalypse In ‘Left Behind’ | Film Trailer

  Nicolas Cage tries to survive the post-apocalypse on Earth in the new trailer for Left Behind. Cage plays a pilot called Rayford Steele who is left on Earth with his daughter after judgement day takes place. His wife and son are some of the people taken to heaven by God due to their commitments. He and his daughter along[…]

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