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Scarlett Johansson Graces Official ‘Under The Skin’ Film Poster | Film News

  Scarlett Johansson is the focus of the official poster for her upcoming film Under the Skin. Johansson plays an alien who is sent to Earth by a rich corporation to prey on unsuspecting hitch-hikers, in the forthcoming indie film directed by British film maker Jonathan Glazer, who is behind the films Sexy Beast and Birth.   The film is[…]

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‘Non-Stop’ Releases New Scene Teaser Featuring Liam Neeson & Lupita Nyong’o | Film News

  In the forthcoming film Non-Stop, Liam Neeson plays US federal air marshall Bill Marks, who whilst on a plane flight receives a series of messages revealing that his fellow passengers will be killed unless $150 million is transferred into a secret account, with the culprits threatening to kill a passenger ever twenty minutes until the full amount of money[…]

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James Franco To Direct Movie On How ‘The Room’ Was Created | Film News

  James Franco (Spiderman, 127 Hours) will direct a film on the making of 2003 film The Room, which was labelled as “the worst movie ever” by film critics and went onto become a cult classic ten years after its debut. Originally created by and starring Tommi Wiseau, The Room also starred Greg Sestero who, following the negative feedback the[…]

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Johnny Depp Is Back On To Play Whitey Bulger In ‘Black Mass’ | Film News

  In the world of film, actors are constantly accepting film roles they have previously turned down and Johnny Depp is no different. He has confirmed that he will play the role of infamous crime lord Whitey Bulger in the upcoming film Black Mass. It was rumoured that Depp previously stepped away from the role because his salary could not[…]

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Gladiator Film ‘Pompeii’ Starring Kiefer Sutherland Releases New Teasers | Film News

  Upcoming Gladiator film Pompeii has released three new clips conveying the different sides of the film we can expect when it is released. Action, drama and romance are displayed in the individual clips released from Pompeii which starts Kiefer Sutherland as the villain, with Kit Harington playing Milo – a prisoner held against his will. In the released clips,[…]

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