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Conversations About Her

Leonardo DiCaprio And Michael Bay To Produce Film About Rwandan Cycling Team | Film News

  Leonardo DiCaprio and Michael Bay have been announced as the producers of a film about America’s first ever Tour de France cyclist, Jacques Boyer. Boyer became the first American rider to win the tour in 1981, but since 2007, has been living and working in Rwanda, training local cyclists affected by the civil war in the African country during[…]

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Trailer Unveiled For Steven Spielberg’s ‘Bridge Of Spies’ Starring Tom Hanks | Film Trailer

  The first trailer for Steven Spielberg’s film Bridge of Spies, which is inspired by true events, has been released by DreamWorks Studios. Tom Hanks stars in this movies as James Donovan, an American lawyer during the Cold War period, who is tasked with negotiating the release of a captured American pilot. However, the aforementioned pilot is a Soviet Union[…]

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All Star Cast Unveiled For Ricky Gervais’ Netflix Movie ‘Special Correspondents’ | Film News

  The first photo for Ricky Gervais‘ upcoming Netflix movie, Special Correspondents has been released, boasting an incredibly strong cast for the satirical comedy. Eric Bana is taking the lead role, playing a New York radio journalist determined to maintain his playboy lifestyle by faking news reports. Also joining Bana will be Ugly Betty star, America Ferrera, The Conjuring star,[…]

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‘Man Up’ (2015) – Typical, Funny And Remarkably British | Film Review

A heart-warmingly cheesy addition to the ever-unpopular rom-come genre.

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‘Star Trek 3’ To Explore ‘Whole New Worlds And Species’ | Film News

  Deadline have reported that Justin Lin, director of the upcoming Star Trek 3, is going to consider new species and planets for his installment of the Star Trek series. J.J Abrams’ last two blockbuster successes saw the crew battle on earth and stagnated within other planets, however with Lin set to direct, it means new environments will be explored[…]

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