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Louis Tomlinson To Focus On Record Label | Music News

  As millions of fans around the world prepare for the “hiatus” of One Direction, it’s slowly coming to light what each member will be doing with their time off. Harry Styles will be most likely be snapped up by record giants Sony and bring out an album, there are also rumours of acting too, while Niall Horan will also[…]

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Lemmy Envisions Tour Death | Music News

  Motorhead‘s vocalist and bassist Lemmy has predicted his own death and it’s going to be while he is on his tour bus. After spending many years on the road the 69 year old rocker has had trouble with his health for a long time. He already lives with diabetes and has a heart defibrillator fitted and has been told[…]

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Krept Addresses Twitter Beef With Wiley On BBC 1Xtra | Music News

  One half of Krept And Konan, Krept recently took to BBC 1Xtra to discuss his recent Twitter war of words with Grime legend Wiley, after Wiley sent a few tweets about the duo’s current album The Long Way Home which charted at #2 in the UK album chart, suggesting that the record sounded more influenced by Drake than their previous projects[…]

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Taylor Swift Comes For ‘Corporate Machine’ Spotify Again | Music News

  Taylor Swift has accused Spotify of acting like a “corporate machine” when it comes to criticism. It wasn’t long ago that Swift wrote a strong minded letter to Apple Music for not paying artists royalists during their free 3-month trial to customers, before then, Swift had called out Spotify for similar reasons.   The difference was that Apple listened to[…]

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Eminem Reveals Extreme Exercise Kept Him Sober | Music News

  Eminem has a history of drug abuse and now the rapper has revealed he has managed to keep himself sober by continuous extreme exercising. In 2007, Eminem checked into rehab after an accidental overdose and concerns for his weight problem arose. The rapper recently spoke to Men’s Journal about it saying “I was close to 230 pounds. I’m not sure[…]

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