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Taylor Swift Accused Of Dropping Spotify For YouTube Streaming Service | Music News

  Taylor Swift pulled her back catalogue from Spotify recently, and the opaque decision has baffled her fans, but here are some possibilities as to why the choice was made. Musician and activist Billy Bragg thinks Swift pulled her songs from Spotify so that she could team up with Google and YouTube’s new streaming service, he continues to say that[…]

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Jhene Aiko Reveals Tour Dates For ‘Enter The Void’ Tour | Music News

  After releasing her debut album Souled Out this fall, R&B/Soul singer Jhene Aiko is ready to embark on another tour. She posted on her Instagram page, all of the tour dates for her upcoming Enter The Void tour, with gigs in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Toronto, among many others. This will be the third major tour for[…]

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U2 To Release ‘Films Of Innocence’ Art Film Collection | Music News

  Chloe Early, Maser and ROA are just some of the creatives who have teamed up to create visuals out of U2’s current release Songs Of Innocence for a new art film titled Films Of Innocence. Directed by Jefferson Hack and produced by Lois Newcombe, the artists will showcase their work in the new long form movie by the group,[…]

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Bob Geldof Taken To Task For Band Aid Single | Music News

  Bob Geldof has made the affordable efforts to release another single, for Band Aid 30, the reason being his interpretation of solving the Ebola disease. Reflecting briefly on that last sentence, there are problems all over the shop. ‘Solving the Ebola disease’? Well this is Geldof’s belief in what the single can achieve, he calls it a ‘foul little[…]

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Paul Heaton Resigns As Sheffield United Patron Over Ched Evans Rape Row | Music News

  Pop star Paul Heaton is the latest Sheffield United patron to resign, in order to stand up against the club’s decision to let convicted rapist Ched Evans train with the club. Heaton believes that Evans has the right to rebuild his career, but not in the form of playing for a professional football club, and certainly not one that[…]

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