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Future User – Mountain Lion | Music Video

  Future User have released a video for their latest single “Mountain Lion” which features a voice message left by Lance Armstrong. The song focuses on the use of performance enhancing drugs in sport. Tim Commerford of Future User, and previously of Rage Against the Machine, is friends with Armstrong and the two cycle together often. According to Commerford, the[…]

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Nightmare Boy – Chivalry Is Alive And Well And Living In Glasgow | Music Video

  Barrie-James O’Neill, aka NiGHTMARE BOY, is best know for his collaborations with Lana Del Rey, as well as for being her ex-boyfriend. NiGHTMARE BOY is his solo project and has recently shared the official video for his single “Chivalry Is Alive And Well And Living In Glasgow“, starring  Holly Marilyn Solem from the TV show Hand of God. The[…]

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José González – Leaf Off / The Cave | Music Video

  José González has shared the music video for “Leaf Off / The Cave“, from his upcoming album Vestiges & Claws. Inspired by the Sunday Assembly, the clip showcases the folk musician performing with a full choir in front of a congregation in Gothenburg, Sweden. González released the album’s first single “Every Age” last November, and the album Vestiges &[…]

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Jay Carteré – Drug Music | Music Video

  London based solo artist and producer Jay Carteré has released a new video for his latest song, “Drug Music“. Although the artist is studying a music production degree at Tech Music School, he still finds time to make his music career a priority amongst others. Last year saw the university student take a route into the world of dance[…]

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J.Martins + Youssou N’Dour – Time Is Now | Music Video

  J Martins has collaborated with Senegalese international singer, Youssou n’Dour for his new single titled “Time is Now”. J Martins and Youssou n’Dour have joined together to use their talent to promote change for a better Africa, change for the better and to encourage people to change their attitude and the way they treat each other. The video for[…]

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