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Conversations About Her

Men Among Boys – The Edge | New Music

  Men Among Boys is an R&B Pop duo with electronic synth-filled production. Their newest single “Edge” has a very cosmic and sinister style to it, giving off an eerie, mysterious feel. This song was produced, engineered, and mixed by Clinxx. The extremely layered work has a mix of high vocals with a beat that takes its time to gradually[…]

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Royal Blood – Ten Tonne Skeleton | Music Video

  Brighton riff rock duo Royal Blood have released an epic new video for their single “Ten Tonne Skeleton” which hit video sites yesterday (October 9). In the video, the two band members, formed of lead singer Ben Thatcher and drummer Mike Kerr, perform their song in a cave-like setting whilst shots of possible crime scenes consistently feature.   The[…]

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George Maple – Talk Talk | Music Video

  George Maple presents the visuals of her latest single “Talk Talk”. The video features desert and sea scenes, as well as a very creepy forest scene where a mysterious figure can be seen walking into the yonder, with sensual images of the singer while she delivers her vocals coming in between these. “Talk Talk” has a potent bass, and[…]

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Isac Elliot – Tired Of Missing You | New Music

  The very young Isac Elliot is back with his second single “Tired Of Missing You” from his upcoming second studio album Follow Me, scheduled to be released on digital retailers on November 7, 2014 via Sony Music Entertainment. The song starts with a short guitar solo following by an electronic pop backdrop. At the refrain, the guitar arrangements come[…]

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HANAH – Hideaway | New Music

  Indie-Soul artist HANAH has just put out her second song ever titled “Hideaway”. This track follows the release of her debut song “Out of Touch”, which was released in July of 2014. This piece shows off HANAH’s wide ranged vocals and crisp powerhouse voice. Her style has an extremely mellow, light tendency, but simultaneously maintains the full capability of[…]

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