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Conversations About Her

“Look At Us” – T.I. Addresses The Ferguson Protests | Music News

  T.I. is known for venting his thoughts on social media, but this time the rapper has taken to Instagram to address a more serious topic; the protests happening in Ferguson, Missouri, post the fatal shooting of Mike Brown. Underneath a picture of a man about to throw a petrol bomb, T.I.’s caption begins with the line, “Look at us…[…]

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JMR – Doesn’t Feel Human | New Music

  Justin Michael Robinson’s voice is almost too smooth to bear. If you have listened to him before, you’ll know he brings a stripped back vibe paired with a sinuous production of surprising blend textures that grab your attention from start to finish. Now here JMR is with “Doesn’t Feel Human” which is equally as pleasurable as his previous works,[…]

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The Silent Scene – Cities EP | New Music

  New York based four-piece boy band The Silent Scene is a perfect example of the old saying “don’t judge a book by its cover (or a record by its case)“, because at first glance, you would expect to hear the band create cheeky Pop associated music similar to all the other charming boy-bands out there. However, after one listen[…]

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Nicki Minaj – Anaconda | Music Video

  Having teased her fans for almost a month, Nicki Minaj has finally released the music video for her latest single “Anaconda”. When she posed on the cover art in… well, not much, that was certainly foreshadowing for the music video itself, due to its explicit nature. Featuring strong language and explicit visuals, the music video is like a more[…]

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Years & Years – Take Shelter EP | New Music

  London based soulful electronic pop band Years & Years have just released their brand new EP on iTunes. The EP entitled Take Shelter, consists of four tracks including “Take Shelter” itself, an unplugged version of the same track, a remixed version of “Take Shelter”, and a track entitled “Breathe”. Well, despite the diversity of tracks, the new EP is[…]

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