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LGBT Rights Recognition Over Workplace Discrimination Divides US Supreme Court | Politics

  These days, the most conservative US Supreme Court is examining three cases involving LGBT discrimination in the workplace. The first two cases involve two gay employees, fired for having publicly revealed their sexual orientation at workplace. The third case concerns a transgender employee, fired for insisting to work in women’s clothes.   The protection against discrimination in the workplace is[…]

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Tensions Over Climate Targets Prevent EU From Presenting Ambitious Climate Plan | Politics

  In Luxemburg, an Environmental Council Meeting has seen 28 countries talking about climate change before the next European Council meeting. The environmental ministers agreed to update the EU’s pledge about what is established by the Paris Agreement.   Indeed, the Paris Agreement signed in 2015, has two important objectives: to limit the increase of the temperatures to 1.5 degrees and[…]

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Turkey Begins Military Operation In Northern Syria | Politics

  After Donald Trump’s announcement that US troops would withdraw from northern Syria, the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan gave permission to start a military operation in the region. This invasion will bring to the creation of a 32km-deep safe zone, to stabilize the area and to fight terrorist groups, belonging to Kurdish organisations and Isis.   Turkish military forces[…]

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Kurds Prepare For Assault By Turkish Forces After Donald Trump Syria Decision | Politics

  Donald Trump has just taken a heavy decision regarding foreign affairs with Turkey. Indeed, he will move US forces out of northern Syria, after reaching a deal with Turkish president Erdoğan. The deal, signed in August, established a safe zone in northern Syria, under which troops from both countries carried out joint patrols to keep Turkish and Kurdish forces[…]

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Brexit Deal Essentially Impossible After Johnson-Merkel Call | Politics

  While the Brexit deadline is quickly approaching, negotiations between the EU and UK are not only getting more and more complicated, but also do seem on the brink of collapse.   The deal presented by UK prime minister Boris Johnson, which he considered as the last possible one, was already hardly acceptable by the EU for many reasons, but[…]

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