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George The Poet Turns Down MBE Over Pure Evil Of British Empire | Politics

  The spoken word artist George the Poet has turned down an MBE, feeling that he cannot accept it due to the “pure evil” of the British Empire.   This was revealed to audiences during the final episode of his BBC Sounds series Have You Heard George’s Podcast? while discussing the legacies of colonialism. To accept an MBE is to become[…]

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Rize Up UK Campaign Hosts Free Gig For Those Registered To Vote | Politics

  Rize Up UK is a campaign group that was set up in 2017 to encourage young people, as well as the homeless and the economically deprived, to engage in politics. It strives to ensure that as many people as possible take a moment to register to vote before midnight on November 26, so as to give them the chance[…]

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Israel Attacks Gaza In Most Violent Assault In Months | Politics

  The Israel attacks on Gaza have continued ininterrupted, after Israel forces killed an Islamic Jihad commander resident in Gaza. This has generated a series of violent assaults between Gaza and Israel. The man who was killed is Baha Abu al-Ata, well known in Palestine for having been the chief of one of the most important group of gaza, Palestinian Islamic[…]

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Protests Reach New Peak Of Violence As Hong Kong Enters Sixth Month Of Unrest | Politics

  Anti-government protests are continuing unstoppable in the Chinese region of Hong Kong. After six months asking for democracy, on November 10th, the demonstrations touched a new, dangerous peak. The events were marked by a serious act by the police, which shot an unarmed student. The shot was captured on video and sent around the world, raising awareness about the[…]

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Holocaust Survivor Liliana Segre Gets Security Detail After Far-Right Threats | Politics

  Liliana Segre is an italian Holocaust survivor and key figure in Italy as she has always raised awareness of her experience of detention in the Auschwitz camp. Last year, president Sergio Mattarella named her as a senator for life. But recently, Segre has been the target of online threats and insults and, for this reason, Milan Prefect Renato Saccone has decided[…]

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