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Conversations About Her

British Airline Thomas Cook Collapses, Leaving Hundreds Of Thousands Stranded | Politics

  After 178 years of flights all around the world and after last-minute negotiations aimed at saving the company failed, the British travel group Thomas Cook has definitely collapsed on Monday.   This failure brings chaos to the British economy and to the global air traffic. Indeed, more than 800,000 British people had future bookings and the company had 9,000[…]

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Trump Administration Accused Of Rallying UN Member States Against Abortion Rights | Politics

  The Guardian reported on Monday a letter, revealing the intention of high-level US officials to oppose UN policies that promote sexual and reproductive health. Apparently, at the UN Assembly there would be a “growing coalition” of countries that, with the help of the Trump administration, could rally against abortion.   The letter, signed by the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and[…]

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Gucci Model Stages Mental Health Protest On The Runway At Milan Fashion Week | Politics

  The Gucci show on Sunday night at Milan Fashion Week got hijacked by a militant model. Indeed, at the beginning of its ready-to-wear show, while models were gliding down the conveyor belt runway, one of the model appeared holding up her hands.   The model in question, Ayesha Tan Jones, had written on it “mental health is not fashion”.[…]

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India Is The Latest Country To Ban E-Cigarettes | Politics

  After vaping-related deaths in the US and after a high school student in Canada was diagnosed with a severe respiratory illness, the Indian government has decided to ban e-cigarettes.   India is not the first country to ban this technology. Indeed, two US states (New York is one of them), Brazil and Thailand have already prohibited these products. Flavoured[…]

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Amazon Announces ‘Climate Pledge’ And Makes Promise To Engage In Paris Climate Agreement | Politics

  Founder, CEO and president of Amazon, Jeff Bezos could no longer ignore the protests for climate change, with strong pressures from Amazon employees and the signatories of the Paris Agreement for the company to take action. Friday For Future have even scheduled another protest for today, September 20. More than 1,500 Amazon employees will raise their voices for the[…]

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