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New US Supreme Court Ruling Allows Trump To Block Asylum Seekers | Politics

  “BIG United States Supreme Court WIN for the Border on Asylum!”, Donald Trump tweeted after the Supreme Court‘s decision to allow the administration to enforce a July rule blocking most asylum-seeking migrants from entering the United States while they wait in Mexico. In July, the law was blocked by a judge in San Francisco, but now that the previous[…]

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Pussy Riot Releases ‘1937’ Music Video To Protest Against Corruption In Russia | Politics

  Last night, Pussy Riot dropped their latest video for new single “1937” to protest against what happened during Moscow’s parliament elections.   The Russian activist group, in a press statement, describe the elections as “corrupt” and unfair. Indeed, this follows the arrest of over a dozen political activist and the prevention of political dissidents from taking part in the[…]

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Extinction Rebellion Try To Disrupt London Fashion Week | Politics

  Extinction Rebellion strikes back this morning! The climate change activist have glued themselves to the entrance of the London Fashion Week official venue on the Strand. The five protesters were wearing white dresses covered of fake blood.   Another group of activist were lying on the ground in pools of fake blood creating a bloody red carpet, with one[…]

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Trump Fires His Third National Security Adviser John Bolton Via Twitter | Politics

  Another public figure has been lately fired by Donald Trump via Twitter, and, this time, we are talking about the national security adviser John Bolton. Bolton, Trump’s third national security adviser, is the last of a long list of public figures and personnel that have been fired by the president: two national-security advisers, one F.B.I. director, two White House[…]

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Anti-Government Protests Continue As Hongkongers Raise Their Voice At World Cup Qualifier | Politics

  The protests in Hong Kong have shaken the streets of the capital for months and the demonstrations seem to have to continue for much longer. The city saw its independence from China threatened for the first time in April, when the proposal to allow extradition to mainland China became real and generated reactions from citizens difficult to control.  […]

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