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Protesters In Lebanon Join Symbolic Sit-Ins Around Key State Institutions | Politics

  Anti-government protests in Lebanon began three weeks ago and the Lebanese protesters continue to hit the streets. Today they have organized sit-ins around ministries, banks and state-affiliated companies, in a symbolic attempt to make the government elites step down.   In fact, the national protest that has held Lebanon has proven to be a revolution against the sectarian, inefficient, and[…]

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Google Employees Call On Tech Companies To Adopt Stronger Climate Plan | Politics

  The main steps that should be taken for climate change must also come from the largest technology companies, including Google. This is what Google employees have emphasized in a letter of protest sent to Google’s chief financial officer, Ruth Porat.   The public letter was signed by more of 1000 workers who are trying to involve as many people as[…]

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E Jean Carroll Sues Donald Trump For Denying And Ridiculing Her Sexual Assault Accusations Against Him | Politics

  E. Jean Carroll had already written about the sexual harassment she suffered from Donald Trump, but that was not enough. In June, she wrote about the alleged rape in New York magazine, reporting that President Trump raped her in the fall of 1995 or the spring of 1996 in a public location. Now, the columnist for Elle magazine has finally[…]

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Greece Passes Asylum Law To Curtail Safeguards For Asylum Seekers | Politics

  The number of migrants arriving in Greece is increasing and the camps that should host them are too overcrowded to provide them the basic needs. The country has been experiencing the strongest increase in refugee arrivals since 2015, also due to the war in Syria. In order to respond to the pressures of this emergency, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis has[…]

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Twitter Joins Fight Against Political Advertising And Piles Pressure On Facebook | Politics

  After the accusations concerning the advertising policy that Mark Zuckerberg has allowed on Facebook, another social platform is running for cover. Twitter‘s CEO Jack Dorsey has recently announced that he will ban all the political advertising present on his website. The policy comes into effect on November 22.   This choice is finalized to protect forthcoming elections in the UK,[…]

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