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Conversations About Her

The Worst Primary Schools In England Have Been Revealed | Politics

  The Government have revealed the worst primary schools in England, and exactly 364 state-funded schools have not met the floor standard for performance this year.   It has also been revealed that 49% of children from lower income families are not reaching the grades they are expected to, whilst a whopping 70% of higher income family’s children are. The[…]

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Yemen: Ceasefire Agreed For Key Port City Of Hodeidah | Politics

  Today (December 13) in Sweden, Yemen’s warring parties have agreed to ceasefire in the port city of Hodeidah as it serves as an important lifeline for about 18 million civilians. This meeting has been marked one of the first major peace talks in two years.   United Nations chief Antonio Guterres has stated that the troops will withdraw from[…]

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Six Migrants Rescued From Boat In Dover Shipping Lane | Politics

  On early Tuesday morning, six migrants were rescued from a sinking dinghy in the world’s busiest shipping lane, the Dover Strait. The five men and woman were brought to the shore of Dover.   The Home Office has said in a statement: “Border Force was contacted by the coastguard at around 3am on Tuesday, December 11. A Border Force[…]

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Three Alleged Neo-Nazis Arrested On Suspicion Of Terror Offences | Politics

  Today, a man and two teenagers have been arrested by the North East Counter Terrorism Unit. The three suspects are believed to be part of the neo-Nazi group named Sonnenkrieg Division.   One teenager is a 17-year-old from London, the other an 18-year-old from Portsmouth and the 21-year-old from Bath.   On Thursday morning, the police had invaded the[…]

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Paris Riots: Most Violent Protest Since Decades | Politics

  On Saturday, approximately 36,000 people have taken part in the riots in the capital of France. For the third weekend in a row people have been protesting over the increasing gas prices. Protestors have requested to stop the next scheduled tax increase on fuel that is due January, 2019.   The protest has now transformed into a direct demonstration[…]

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