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Conversations About Her

Cabinet Backs Theresa May’s Draft Brexit Plan | Politics

  Theresa May has said, the cabinet has backed a draft withdrawal agreement between the UK and the EU.   The prime minister has given a brief speech, after a five-hour long cabinet meeting today, saying that it was a “decisive step” in the Brexit plan, and would allow to finalise the agreement in the following days.     Leading[…]

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A Change Of Scenery For Nick Clegg As He Joins Facebook | Politics

  Former MP and Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg ditches the umbrella and picks up his shades as he plans his move from England to California. Leaving his role as a politician, he now joins the world of Facebook as their new Head of Affairs and Communications.   It is fair to say that Facebook have had their fair share[…]

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Christopher Wylie Explains What Cambridge Analytica Is Going To Do | Politics

  We all have heard about the Cambridge Analytica scandal which came to light in early 2018 but in a recent sit down with the former director of the infamous consulting firm Christopher Wylie, he goes into detail on the intervention that the firm should do.   In the first place he explained how he first got wind of the[…]

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UK Universities Urge Government To Bring Back Work Visas For International Students | Politics

  International director of Universities UK, Vivienne Stern believes government should bring back work visas for foreign students, allowing them to work for up to two years after graduation.   In doing so, she believes that the UK will benefit from international students as they are a vital element in composing the British economy and education. In contrast, the UK[…]

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British-Iranian Woman Has Been Temporary Released After Two Years In Jail | Politics

  Her name is Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe and back in September 2016, she was sentenced to five years imprisonment in Iran. The reason was said to be suspicious online journalistic activity, recruiting and training people to spread propaganda against the Persian country.   Before the incarceration she was working for the world’s biggest news and information provider, Thomson Reuters; she has[…]

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