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Conversations About Her

Ryanair Compensation Cheques Refused By Banks Due To Missing Signatures | Politics

  Out of the 20,000 compensation cheques sent out to Ryanair customers, 190 of them received unsigned cheques causing customers further trouble, as banks have refused to process them.     Ryanair, which is one of Europe’s low cost carriers, has sent out their apologies to customers, blaming the missing signatures on an administrative error. However, this has not been[…]

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No Deal Brexit Could Leave NHS Patients At Risk | Politics

  After a letter between NHS chiefs was leaked, concerns have been raised about the future of NHS post-Brexit. The letter expresses a serious worry about what could possibly happen if Britain is unable to negotiate an agreement with Europe.   With the tedious flow of decision making by the government, the NHS fear that the flow of medicine could[…]

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Italian Bridge Collapse In Genova: Who Is Responsible? | Politics

  A huge chasm and rubble is what remains of the Ponte Morandi after its collapse on Tuesday. The central section is completely destroyed and Italian Protezione Civile has announced it will be completely demolished.   Two days after the tragedy, the question is whether it could have been avoided but now the Italian government is blaming the bridge operators[…]

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Foreign Office Minister Doesn’t Condone Boris Johnson’s Comments On Burqas | Politics

  Boris Johnson has been accused of ‘dog-whistling’ Islamophobia after remarks were made by him on the burqa ban in Denmark. He stated that Muslim women in burqas resembled that of a letter box and bank robbers, something which the Foreign Office Minister Alistair Burt, did not agree with.   The comment was made in regards to the Danish ban[…]

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Yemeni Wedding Destroyed After A Devastating US Air Strike | Politics

  What was expected to be nothing short of a joyous and cheerful celebration turned into a horrific event after wedding celebrations in Yemen were interrupted with US air strikes.   The scene of a wedding had been splattered with bones and human flesh, displaying the devastating aftermath. The groom’s mother and bride’s father are still dealing with the atrocious[…]

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