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Conversations About Her

Arab League And UN Disapprove Netanyahu Jordan Valley Annexation Plan | Politics

  With the election day in Israel fast approaching (September 17th), the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently introduced his new plan to annex large swathes of the Palestinian territories, in particular, a third of the occupied West Bank.   Netanyahu argued that this is a unique occasion to finally annex a land that has been occupied by the Israeli[…]

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Johnny Depp Defends Dior Sauvage Campaign From Cultural Appropriation Accusations | Politics

  Johnny Depp has defended his latest Dior Sauvage campaign after critics ravaged the promotional video for racism and cultural appropriation about the Native American culture.   Last month, the teaser of Dior’s ‘We are the Land’ came under fire. It was an extract from a larger film directed by Jean-Baptiste Mondino.   The clips showed a woman wearing a[…]

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New European Union Commission Facing Challenges For Greener And More Cohesive Europe | Politics

  On September 10, the new president of the European Union commission, Ursula von der Leyen, revealed her choices on the list of commissioners who, if approved by the current parliament, will sit on November 1. It is relevant how her choice was shaped by the desire to make the commission as balanced as possible in terms of gender, with[…]

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Putin’s Party Loses Almost Half Of Its Seats At Moscow Local Elections | Politics

  Vladimir Putin and his political party United Russia have suffered big losses at local elections in Moscow. The party remains the most popular party in the capital, but has lost almost half of the seats, slashed from 40 to 25. The majority of the other seats will be shared by the Communist Party (14 seats) and Just Russia (4[…]

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Boris Johnson Spokesman Announces The Suspension Of Parliament | Politics

  After unsuccessful attempts to induce an early election, the suspension of the British Parliament was announced today. It means that Parliament won’t open again until October 14. Boris Johnson spoke about the need for a suspension to give space to a new speech of the Queen, which will allow a new session of work for the Parliament.   As[…]

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