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Conversations About Her

The UK Is Set For December 12 Parliamentary Elections | Politics

  The United Kingdom is set to face parliamentary elections on December 12, after the House of Commons approved the legislation with 438 votes in favour. The decision has still to be approved by the Lords, but it will be most likely accepted.   After being initially criticized, Boris Johnson‘s call for elections got the Labour Party approval. Elections will[…]

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Facebook Employees Object To Controversial Rules On Political Ads Allowed By Mark Zuckerberg | Politics

  While Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg was sitting in the American Congress to face the accusations which involved his participation in the scandal of Cambridge Analytica’s interferences in the US 2016 elections, another wave of accusations was planning to come to surface. It happened on Monday, when more than 250 employees sent to their chief executive and to other leaders[…]

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Alabama’s Abortion Ban Blocked By US Federal Judge | Politics

  One of the strictest states over abortion, Alabama, is facing a new challenge. The state only provides public funding for this measure only in few cases such as life endangerment, rape or incest. Tnis actual law would soon be changed by a new one that would forbid abortions in almost every instance and it is scheduled to take effect[…]

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Iraqi Authorities Declare Curfew To Stop Ongoing Protests | Politics

  Anti-government protests have shaken Iraq and in particular its capital Baghdad since Friday. The demonstrations have followed a climax during this week-end, culminating today with the decision of the main authorities to declare the curfew to stem the clashes “until further notice“.   This is not the first outburst of protests in the country this month, as another wave[…]

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Matteo Salvini’s Coalition Demolishes Left-Wing Alliance In Umbria Elections | Politics

  The right-wing coalition, led by former Italian Prime Minister and League party leader Matteo Salvini, has recently won regional elections in Umbria, Italy, capturing an outstanding 57% of the vote. Despite the apparent marginality of such regional elections (Umbria is a small region with a population of about 900,000), these results may affect the unity of the left-wing national[…]

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