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Marvel’s ‘Agent Carter’ Unveils Poster And Series Plot | TV News

  NBC show Agent Carter has released its official poster and revealed the plot for the TV show. This TV show follows the latest Hollywood trend where TV series are being used to fill in the gaps in-between film releases and will continue from the film Captain America: The First Avenger, where Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) will begin her career[…]

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Watch The Trailer For Will Ferrell’s ‘Bad Judge’ Starring Kate Walsh | TV Trailer

  Will Ferrell’s TV show Bad Judge trailer starring Katie Walsh has made its debut online. Kate Walsh plays free-spirited Rebecca Wright, one of L.A’s hardest and respected criminal court judges. However, she is also known for her somewhat unpredictable behaviour as she has no filter for her speech.   In her personal life, she enjoys she partying and plays[…]

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Jonathan Ross To Shake Up Chat Show Format To Keep Things Fresh | TV News

  British talk show host Jonathan Ross hopes that the shake-up of his chat show will keep it fresh. By doing this, he believes that he will be able to gain more viewers. The last series of the show saw viewing figures go to less than 3 million viewers, with the chat show finale on March 8 drawing 2.7 million[…]

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NBC Commissions ‘Constantine’ TV Series Starring Matt Ryan | TV News

  Popular US channel NBC has commissioned the making of a new Constantine TV series, with actor Matt Ryan set to play Constantine on the NBC TV show. He teams up with his friend’s daughter played by Lucy Griffiths, who he is forced to protect, and the two join forces to fight against demons and stop a powerful enemy from[…]

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FOX Premieres First Official Trailer For ‘Gotham’ | TV Trailers

  FOX channel TV show Gotham has premiered its first official trailer online starring Ben McKenzie as Detective Jim Gordon. The show is a spin-off from the Batman films and TV shows over the years. Gotham shows Detective Jim Gordon as a young detective in the city before Batman and his enemies appeared.   In the show, Bruce Wayne aka[…]

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