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FOX Premeires ’24: Live Another Day’ Teaser During Super Bowl | TV News

  Hit TV show 24 made a major impact this weekend by releasing a teaser video for its forthcoming new season 24: Live Another Day during the Superbowl. The scenes for the forthcoming season, which will begin airing on May 5, takes place in London, with plenty of explosions and sees Kiefer Sunderland reprising his role as action hero Jack[…]

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David Schwimmer Will Play Lead Role In New TV Show ‘Irreversible’ | TV News

  Comedy actor David Schwimmer is most known for his role as Ross in the US sitcom Friends. He will be playing the leading role in a forthcoming TV show titled Irreversible, as Andy, part of an eccentric, self-involved couple and the tricky situations they find themselves in due to their own actions.   The comedy TV show from Sony[…]

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‘The Vampire Diaries’ Reveal Extended Preview Of Next Episode | TV News

  Popular TV series The Vampire Diaries has released a video teaser advertising the show’s forthcoming episode titled ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’. In this short clip, Elena, played by Nina Dobrev, is convinced by friends to attend Whitmore College’s “Bitter Ball” for its broken-hearted students due to her often tumultuous love life. Stefan (Paul Wesley), who is Elena’s vampire[…]

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‘Being Mary Jane’ Season 1, Episode 4 – The Huxtables Have Fallen | TV Review

  Gabrielle Union reprising her role as Mary Jane Paul for BET’s weekly TV show has provided much needed drama-filled entertainment for the past couple of months. In the latest episode, Mary Jane is still having an affair with married man Andre Daniels. The episode begins with her performing a sexual act on Andre and her older brother Patrick catching[…]

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Patton Oswalt Stars In The Latest Episode Of ‘Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee’ | Web Series

  Jerry Seinfeld’s seminal comedy web series Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee is well into its third season and for episode two of the new series titled “How Would You Kill Superman?”, Patton Oswalt from The Kings of Queens and Ratatouille joins Seinfeld for a coffee at the Handsome Coffee Roaster. How do they get there? Via a 1981 Delorean[…]

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