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Comedy Film ‘School of Rock’ Adapted Into TV Show For Nickelodeon | TV News

  2003 comedy film School of Rock starring Jack Black will be turned into a TV show to appear on Nickelodeon in a deal with Paramount TV. The show will consist of thirteen episodes for its first season. The TV show will follow the same premise as the film with the main character Dewey Finn played by Black in the[…]

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‘Dexter’ Actor David Zayas Joins ‘Gotham’ Cast In Villainous Role | TV News

  Dexter’s David Zayas has joined the cast of Gotham in a new villainous role. The FOX show focuses on infamous villains that superhero Batman faces in his prime. However the TV series will not show an adult Batman, but his enemies in their early years as they begin to discover themselves. The Batman “prequel” has cast Zayas as Salvatore[…]

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Actor Laura Benanti To Join Cast Of ‘Nashville’ | TV News

  Tony Award winner Laura Benanti has joined the cast of Nashville. The TV show which is now in its third season will have Benanti’s character befriend Rayna played by Connie Britton. She will play Sadie Stone a fast-rising country singer, and appear in seven of the episodes for season three. Benanti previously received a Tony Award for her interpretation[…]

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‘Mad Men’ Actor Mark Moses Joins Cast Of ‘Homeland’ Season Four | TV News

  Mad Men actor Mark Moses and actor Art Malik have joined the cast of TV show Homeland for season four. Mark Moses will be a regular character on the show, playing Dennis an expat from the army who teaches political science at the Quaid-I-Azam University in Islamabad. Art Malik will make a guest appearance on the show, playing a[…]

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Jay Leno To Make Appearance On ‘Last Comic Standing’ | TV News

  Jay Leno will make an appearance on the show Last Comic Standing. He will be returning to NBC after his chat show The Tonight Show ended earlier this year. The episode called ‘Title Round’ will air later tonight on Thursday, 31st of July 2014. The show is about a group of talented comedians who compete to win a cash[…]

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