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The Cast Of ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Wishes Fans A Merry Christmas | TV News

  The beautiful women of Orange is The New Black might be banged up but they’re still feeling festive and have taken it upon themselves to send their fans a Christmas message. The girls at Litchfield Prison have create their own merry version of “The Twelve Days of Christmas”, but instead of two Turtle-Doves and pear trees, the lyrics are[…]

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Sarah Jessica Parker Set To Star in HBO Comedy Drama ‘Divorced’ | TV News

  It’s been a decade since Sarah Jessica Parker ruled HBO as Sex and The City’s Carrie Bradshaw and now she’s readying for her return in a new half-hour single-camera drama comedy. HBO are finalizing a deal for SJP to star in the sow and take on a role as executive producer. The series, which is awaiting a formal pilot[…]

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David Schwimmer Set To Play Robert Kardashian in New FX Drama | TV News

  Friends mega-star David Schwimmer is set to take on a new role as Robert Kardashian in a new FX drama – a new anthology miniseries from Ryan Murphy (American Horror Story) titled American Crime Story: The People vs O.J Simpson. Robert Kardashian was a close friend and attorney for O.J Simpson during his trial, after being accused of murdering[…]

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Nick Hewer Departs ‘The Apprentice’ After Ten Years On BBC Series | TV News

  Alan Sugar’s adviser Nick Hewer for a decade is set to leave the successful BBC business reality show The Apprentice. Nick said that it is with relief and a touching regret that he comes to this decision, he loves the show and believes that it is a proper and unique way for young talented people to nurture their skills[…]

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David Fincher’s HBO Series Gets Official Title – ‘Shakedown’ | TV News

  It wasn’t that long ago that news broke of David Fincher‘s plans to tackle the small screen for a new drama series on HBO and now, it seems the official title has been released. According to Deadline, the new series directed by Fincher and written by Black Dhalia author, James Ellroy, will be called; Shakedown.   The new series[…]

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