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Russell Brand Angers BBC Viewers Over 9/11 Statement | TV News

  Russell Brand has never been one to shy away with his thoughts and opinions, and pretty much does what he wants no matter how bad it makes him look. Well, this time, Brand has certainly took a step too far this time by admitting that he is “open-minded to 9/11 conspiracies” to BBC’s Newsnight. Host, Evan Davis, brought up[…]

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Steve Coogan To Replace Phillip Seymour Hoffman On ‘Happyish’ | TV News

  After only playing the lead in the pilot for the showtime comedy Happyfish, Phillip Seymour Hoffman passed away leaving the show without a lead character. However, months after the death of the star, Steve Coogan has signed a deal with Showtime to replace Hoffman in the pilot and the rest of the series. Coogan will take the role of[…]

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Toys ‘R’ Us Forced To Withdraw ‘Breaking Bad’ Dolls From Online Store | TV News

  A mother in Florida has started a petition to force Toys ‘R’ Us to remove ‘Breaking Bad’ action figures from its online store. Susan Schrivjer is livid with the toy retailer after action figures of a gun wielding Heisenberg and meth cooking Jesse Pinkman went on sale in-store, and via its website. The figures come with either a gun,[…]

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Actress Lynda Bellingham Dies After Battle With Cancer | TV News

  All Creatures Great And Small actress Lynda Bellingham has sadly died. According to her agent, the 66 year old passed away “peacefully in her husbands arms” at a local London hospital after battling colon cancer since July 2013. She announced in September that the disease metastasized to her lungs and liver, but she wished to cease her chemotherapy treatment[…]

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‘Top Gear’ Star Jeremy Clarkson In The News Again, This Time For Speeding | TV News

  After his Falklands row in Argentina, you would imagine that Jeremy Clarkson would stay out of the limelight a little. Well you would be wrong, as Clarkson has been given his first speeding fine in 30 years. The fine was given to the Top Gear star after he was going (in his words) “80 something” in a 60mph zone,[…]

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