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Harvey Weinstein Accusers Rosanna Arquette And Zelda Perkins Predict More High Profile Sexual Abuse Revelations | TV News

  It’s been two years since the sexual abuse scandal involving the famous film producer Harvey Weinstein shook Hollywood. It seems that not enough time has passed yet to bring out other accusations. It was October 2017 and the movement had just begun, when other sexual abusers like Weinstein emerged to reality.   The revelations have had a strong impact[…]

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Alfonso Cuarón Signs Deal With Apple To Develop TV Products | TV News

  Despite working with Netflix and gifting the streaming platform its second feature-length Oscar with Roma, Alfonso Cuarón is jumping ship. He’s signed a deal with Apple to create television projects for the company’s upcoming Apple TV+ streaming service.   There was reportedly a bidding war for Cuarón’s services, but Apple won out simply by offering more money. As a[…]

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David Oyelowo To Star In ‘The President Is Missing’ Adaptation | TV News

  David Oyelowo has signed on to star in an adaptation of The President Is Missing, based on the bestselling novel by Bill Clinton and James Patterson. Showtime is developing the series. Christopher McQuarrie will executive produce the series, while Invictus scribe Anthony Peckham is writing the adaptation.   The novel revolves around a powerless and politically aimless Vice President[…]

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Rumour Has It That ‘Twin Peaks’ Is Coming Back For Season 4 | TV News

  Rumors spreading fast these days are reporting a possible return of the series which dominated the screens during the 90s, and made a revival for one season in 2017. Twin Peaks has not only been a series, but a real cult offering and its fandom has always made itself heard. On the other hand, the artistic choices of the eclectic[…]

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Christina Ricci & Rachel Brosnahan To Star In Sam Raimi’s Horror Anthology | TV News

  Sam Raimi has snagged two impressive actors for his upcoming horror anthology series 50 States Of Fright. Christina Ricci and Rachel Brosnahan have signed on, with the former starring in a story titled Red Rum and the latter leading the episode titled The Golden Arm. Taissa Farmiga, Asa Butterfield and Ron Livingston are also on board for the show.[…]

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