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‘Halt And Catch Fire’ Season Two, Episode One – SETI | TV Review

  If you haven’t heard of AMC’s drama set against the backdrop of the 80’s tech scene in Texas, you shouldn’t feel bad. What you should do is go out and buy the box set or binge watch the whole thing on Amazon Prime because while it might not quite match up to the likes of Mad Men or Breaking Bad yet, Halt[…]

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‘SunTrap’ Season 1, Episode 1 – Look Who’s Talking | TV Review

  SunTrap is a new comedy series on BBC One. The premise for the series, is that Woody (Kayvan Novak) is on the run from the British Security Services and goes to his former mentor Brutus (Bradley Walsh) for help – then they solve crimes for some reason. As it is the first episode – titled ‘Look Who’s Talking’, there[…]

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‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ Season 10, Episode 9 – Frank Retires | TV Review

  Blood, buckets of it and enough intrigue and deviousness to rival the royal courts of old, feature on this episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 10. As should be apparent to anyone with the smallest grasp on contemporary popular culture it is a parody of the HBO show Game of Thrones. When the gang has no knowledge[…]

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‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ Season 10, Episode 10 – Ass Kickers United: Mac and Charlie Join a Cult | TV Review

  Season 10 Episode 10 Review: “Ass Kickers United: Mac and Charlie Join a Cult” Cults are a powerful way of controlling idiots and the vulnerable. They claim to have knowledge superior to that of others, often from a supernatural or alien source, and will give you that knowledge if they deem you worthy. Often that worth is measured in[…]

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Netflix Original ‘Between’ Might Be Worth A Second Look | TV Review

  Netflix released its latest original series Between recently and though it might not initially be as gripping or compelling as some of their other offerings, it might be worth keeping an eye on. The story takes in the small Canadian town of Pretty Lake where a mysterious disease begins killing off anyone over twenty-two. The government puts the town[…]

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