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Jim Carrey And Tamsin Greig Steal The Show On ‘The Graham Norton Show’ | TV Review

  Last Friday, Graham Norton was joined on his guest sofa by Jude Law, Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels, and Tamsin Greig, where both Greig and Carrey manage to offer up some rather funny comedy impressions in the middle of their interviews. It’s all very entertaining to watch and quite hilarious. Tamsin Greig begins, by explaining she had a scene[…]

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Russell Brand And Nigel Farage Leave Much To Be Desired On ‘Question Time’ | TV Review

  In the left corner, Russell Brand and in the right corner, Nigel Farage. What was to be expected from the BBC’s popular political discussion show Question Time, hosted by David Dimbleby, broadcast from Canterbury in Kent, this past Thursday night? The usual flimsy debates, with no dissection or clarity, the opposite which was the hope of the viewing public,[…]

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Understanding The Criminal Mind Like A ‘True Detective’ | TV Review

  HBO’s hit American television crime drama True Detective is a show that follows in the tradition of powerful network productions like The Wire, Boardwalk Empire and Game of Thrones. However, this enthralling and often disturbing series is actually closer in style to David Lynch’s Twin Peaks – 25 years having passed since the second series was cancelled – than[…]

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‘Teen Wolf’ Season 4 Finale – Smoke And Mirrors | TV Review

  In this weeks finale episode of Teen Wolf season four, everything comes to a dangerous halt between the Bad, Good and the Supernatural. The question isn’t about winning or losing anymore. It’s about who will survive and who wont. The fight is on… As fans edge a little closer on their seats not knowing what to expect, wondering and[…]

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‘Finding Carter’ Season 1, Episode 11 – The Long Goodbye | TV Review

  In this episode of Finding Carter starring British actress Kathryn Prescott as the main lead Carter, everything is hanging by a thread literally. With Max’s (Alex Saxon) life still on the line, and his murderer still on the loose as fugitive, Carter’s world seems to be crashing down around her. She is being flung between two poles, what should[…]

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