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Starz Unveils New Trailer For ‘Ash vs Evil Dead’ | TV Trailer

  Today sees another preview of Starz‘s upcoming horror TV series, Ash vs. Evil Dead, and it looks like a blood curdling thrill ride. Joining the ever expanding ranks of horror TV series, the brief snippets we’ve seen so far all point towards a step up in quality from the mixed bag that is FX‘s American Horror Story and MTV‘s[…]

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BBC 2 Unveils Trailer For Danny Baker Comedy ‘Cradle To Grave’ | TV Trailer

  The first trailer for the upcoming BBC 2 comedy inspired by the life of journalist, writer and radio DJ, Danny Baker, has finally been released. The 8-episode series is an adaptation of Baker’s autobiography Going to Sea in a Sieve. The series is set in 1974, full of 70’s fashion, music and East-end family shenanigans. Peter Kay and Lucy[…]

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HBO Releases Teaser Trailer For ‘Westworld’ | TV Trailer

  Westworld, based on Michael Crichton‘s film of the same name, is based on a highly advanced futuristic theme park. The park allows guests to be immersed in a fully realistic Western-era world, however things don’t go to plan when the androids malfunction, attacking the guests and making the experience a bit too realistic.   The trailer premiered during the season[…]

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ITV Releases First Trailer For ‘The X Factor’ 2015 | TV Trailer

  It has ruled our screens for over a decade now, and The X Factor shows no signs of slowing down. Today ITV revealed the first trailer for the new series, which begins this autumn, showing just what the judges will do to get their hands on the winning act.   2015 rings in big changes for the show, with[…]

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Karl Pilkington Is Back For ‘The Moaning Of Life 2’ | TV Trailer

  Ever since he first appeared in Ricky Gervais‘ An Idiot Abroad, it’s hard to find someone who hasn’t fallen in love with the always grumpy and sometimes dim witted Karl Pilkington. The premise of Pilkington’s stand alone show The Moaning of Life, which broadcast it’s first season in 2013 on Sky 1, is for Pilkington to visit different cultures in order[…]

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