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Lena Dunham Stars In ‘Girls’ Season Four Teaser | TV Trailer

  Lena Dunham stars in the season four trailer for her HBO show Girls. The TV show is a comedy about a group of women in their 20s and the type of situations they experience. There is Marnie an assistant at an art gallery, Hannah (Dunham) an aspiring writer and Jessa and Shoshanna who are cousins. Filming for the new[…]

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Teaser Trailer For ‘The Newsroom’ Season 3 Revealed | TV Trailer

  The first teaser trailer for the third and final season of The Newsroom has been released by HBO. The clip shows script pages being printed off a copier in a dark and empty office. Some pivotal and important lines are exposed. One of Reese Lansing’s (President of Atlantic Cable News) lines reads “He’s gonna be sent to jail”, although[…]

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Denzel Washington Stars In New TV Spot For ‘The Equalizer’ | TV Trailer

  Denzel Washington stars in the new TV spot trailer titled ‘Justice Is Coming for action film The Equalizer. He plays Robert McCall, a retired commander of a secret organisation. He faked his own death so that he could live a simple life without any one bothering him, but he soon leaves his peaceful life in Boston, New York to[…]

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Watch Teaser For ‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’ | TV Trailer

  American Horror Story: Freak Show has released a new video teaser for the show’s eagerly anticipated debut. The video is only ten seconds, yet is able to portray the tone of the show. In the opening sequence, a hand is shown unfurling from a tight fist to an open hand. In the palm of the hand is a ticket[…]

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Scary Teaser For ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5 Erupts Online | TV Trailer

  A new scary trailer has erupted online for the TV series The Walking Dead. The video shows Rick and his group just outside the railroad car, as they face danger as the zombies get closer to their location. The fifth season of the show promises more danger, tactical decisions and transformations, in the video, characters are shown wearing gas[…]

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