‘Catfish’ Season Three Gets Dark And Menacing | TV News

Camera man Max Joseph and presenter Nev Schulman on ‘Catfish’ TV show


‘Catfish’ victim turned presenter Nev Schulman has revealed that season three of the MTV show will reveal a dark sinister side to people using social media to manipulate and control people but not just for romantic reasons. Some incidents in the new season will see people catfish an entire town, turn other people against each other and create aliases solely for the purpose of bullying another person. Nev Schulman acts as the presenter for the show while his friend Max Joseph is the cameraman.


“It’s not just the romantic catfish anymore, it’s really about the many different ways people can, when they put their minds to it, manipulate and take advantage of other people in the real world using the Internet.” – Nev Schulman


The term catfish means to be tricked and caught via social media by using some sort of fraud usually for romantic benefits. This has involved people using fake profiles, stealing some else’s image or identity to entice someone they are romantically interested in. The popular MTV show Catfish is returning for season three on May 7, 2014 at 10pm on MTV.



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