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While the UK general elections are quickly approaching, Scottish band Catholic Action have revealed their vibrant new single “People Don’t Protest Enough”.


The band achieved a great success in 2017, when they published their debut album In Memory Of, with several tracks included in BBC Radio playlists. The band also took part in a large number of festivals in the UK and US and were finally nominated at Scottish Artist of the Year Award.


“People Don’t Protest Enough” is a political-themed song, which aims to reach a large audience and push for more hope, change and proactivity.


“It’s definitely an opinionated record, that’s for sure. I wouldn’t want to make a record that didn’t say anything. It’s not an escapist record, this is just a bi-product of the times we’re living in. It’s just about existing and the frustration that comes with that”, according to front-man, guitarist and producer Chris McCrory.


In addition, he added: “People shouldn’t feel as helpless as they do. I understand why people feel that way, but there’s no reason to despair. There are so many young people that are fucked with mental illness and anxiety – myself included sometimes. But people always forget that there are more of us than there are of them”.


The song features catchy electronic sounds and claps, interesting vocals and chorus. Influences from the ‘70s music style are evident, in particular of artists Eno, Fripp, and Talking Heads. Nonetheless, the band manages to create their own original sound and to convey the strong message within the lyrics.


To conclude, McCrory said: “I’m in it to make records that are interesting and matter. We’ve made a record that embraces the negatives – both from a musical and social/political standpoint – sees the humour in them and ultimately turns them into something positive; be that a better outlook, or progressive political action.”


Listen to “People Don’t Protest Enough” below:




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