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It is hard to believe that ten years have passed since director James Wan and screenwriter Leigh Whannell first collaborated on the cult horror film Saw. Loaded with body jolting tremors, thrills and gore, the feature was an instant success gaining $103 million worldwide. Now horror fans across the globe will come together to commemorate the film through multiple screenings scheduled over Halloween. Fandango have released a special trailer in aid of the event which highlights the films iconic moments and praises the indie horror. They are also releasing limited edition posters consecutively over the next few weeks until its grand release.


Despite great difficulty getting their project off the ground, Wan and Whannell travelled from Australia to the USA where they were given a $1.2 million budget and shot the entire film in just 18 days. After the film was screened at Sundance Film Festival in 2004, news of the feature spread like wildfire compelling people everywhere to check out the gore fest. The film went onto spawn six sequels by alternative writers and directors, and although they pale in comparison to the original indie film, the box office thought otherwise as they accumulated $874 million world wide and are often referred to as the most successful horror franchise ever.


Since the success of Saw, Wan and Whannell went on to collaborate once again with Insidious which boomed at the box office and also spawned a sequel. Stepping out on his own, Wan then directed supernatural horror The Conjuring last year which pretty much terrified all audiences and yet again was a box office success. Clearly these guys are horror geniuses! Saw will be hitting cinemas on October 31st for one week, so make sure to grab your tickets fast!


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