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As a taste of the forthcoming release of his The Stargate EP due out on March 2, Celestial Trax has offered up title track “Stargate” featuring Shady Blaze and Tynethys. Serving as the first track on the EP, “Stargate” begins with synth keys that warp in and out, then the main message hits home. Initially it sounds like it’s going to be so soft and atmospheric, sort of dreamy. It’s totally not. The two Oakland based rappers featured lyrically pinpoint that moment in life when you realize the competitive, animal nature behind the sweet façade of society. This is their main lyrical punchline: Who wanna stay broke? / We all trying to get rich / They don’t give a fuck about you / Everybody at the chips.


In part, it’s a reminder for musicians to stay hungry and streetwise in the face of their own determination to ‘make it’. The main message is: don’t get swallowed by the bulls**t. Remember there’s a time for creativity and a time for commercial common sense. Go get heard, but also, go get paid. Given that I only register the world when its blunt reality is calling at my door, I really liked the message here.


A track is only as good as its main hook. The hook here is honed, real, frustrated, dirty and delicious. It pulls no punches, is lyrically playful, and is almost the musical version of, well, The Wire. It’s almost disturbingly comforting. Waking up always is. I do like rap. It’s a good welcome break every now and then from music that dances around real issues. Listen to it sooner rather than later below.



The Stargate EP tracklist:


1) Stargate feat. Shady Blaze & Tynethys

2) Verticals feat. BBHollogramz

3) Tru Love

4) Non-Stop feat. Tynethys



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