Central Cee Reveals Surprise Music Video For ‘Fraud’ | Music News


Central Cee has released a surprise video clip for his new banger titled “Fraud”, at the same time his mixtape Wild West is breaking into the UK Album Charts. At the beginning of the video, we can see the rapper with his friends, and they are all wearing his new merchandise collaboration with Trapstar.


The London rapper recently revealed that “Fraud” is his favourite track from the Wild West mixtape, which is the #1 most streamed album in the UK this week, #1 on Apple Music UK album chart and #1 biggest new album in the world on Spotify this week.


I presume the idea of the video clip is basically to show us a day in the life of the London rap star – we have them in studio sessions, buying shoes, on luxury cars, but the other side of the video, also shows him making tea, washing the dishes and going to the supermarket, so it is a contrast that represents how stars in the entertainment industry are also normal people.


Near the end of the video, Central Cee and his friends are dancing in front of a huge banner, where is written “Welcome To The Wild West”, we can also notice advertising from Coca Cola on the clip.


Watch the music video for “Fraud” below:




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