CFDA Unveils ‘Designers On Instagram #Fashion’ Book | Fashion News


Few platforms have had an impact so profound in fashion as Instagram has, and CFDA agrees, releasing Designers on Instagram: #Fashion, an actual physical book of photos that designers themselves have posted on their own Instagram accounts with captions, hashtags, and everything. Steven Kolb, Council of Fashion Designers of America CEO, thought it would be a great idea to put this all together in a print book because “the most popular books are the ones that give a glimpse into the lives of designers“.


Taking a look at Instagram as more than just an app, you could get to see the artistic and creative part of the picture sharing platform, and see that it’s not “just posting a picture, it’s really a visual statement“, as Kolb suggests. However, I am sure, as much as I love Instagram, that most of the actual photographers don’t really like this application, either because of the filters involved or the fact that every single person using it feels they are real photographers.


CFDA’s Designers on Instagram: #Fashion book will be released on April 14, and for only $19.95, you can have in your very own hands, pictures posted by designers themselves… or you can go to their own accounts on Instagram and see the same pictures on your mobile, for free… whatever works better for you.



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