Chad Hartigan To Direct Romantic Sci-Fi ‘Departure’ | Film News


Chad Hartigan is becoming a success story which all struggling indie directors can look to and be inspired by. He has signed on to direct Departure, a romantic sci-fi film inspired by Martin Caidin‘s book Ghosts Of The Air.


Hartigan began his career directing very low budget independent films such as Luke And Brie Go On A First Date and the excellent This Is Martin Bonner, before helming the slightly bigger Craig Robinson vehicle, Morris From America, which was selected as one of the Top 10 Independent Films Of 2016 by the National Board Of Review.


The favourable reviews that film got has led him to Departure, which will be written by Billy Ray (Captain Phillips, The Hunger Games). A sci-fi film with a larger scope is certainly a step up for a filmmaker used to small budgets and naturalistic filmmaking.


The film will follow a brilliant man in 1973 Miami investigating how a 727 vanished into thin air before reappearing in the exact same spot ten minutes later. The mysterious happenings continue with increasing frequency until his investigation becomes personal when the love of his life is on one of the affected planes.


Ray will also produce the film alongside Jim Whitaker (A Wrinkle In Time, American Gangster). An exciting project for an increasingly exciting director.



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