Chaisley Lussier – Can’t Let You | Music Video

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Chaisley Lussier – Can’t Let You | Music Video



Can’t Let You, starts with the emotional equivalent of a punch to the gut” states The Fader, via which Bi-coastal producer, songwriter and vocalist Chaisley Lussier premiered her video for “Can’t Let You” in the US. The video coincides beautifully with the track in its sensuality and passion, and it has a rooted feel of early RnB which makes for a very easy listen, and viewing.


When asked about the meaning behind the song Lussier explained, “I was married young, I wrote ‘Can’t Let You’ when my marriage began to fall apart. I really fought for my husband and tried desperately to make it work, but I learned that you can’t make someone want to be a better partner. We’d made vows, through good or bad… this was the catalyst song for my project and my therapy. You believe when someone says they will be with you forever, they mean forever. But Forever to some, just means For-The-Moment”.


Watch Lussier lay it all on the line in her latest video right here, packed with passionate make out sessions and sensual adventures.




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