Chanel Replicates Eiffel Tower For Fall 2017 Couture Show | Fashion News


Inspired by the fashion house’s homebase, which is Paris, Chanel used a replica of the famous Paris tourist destination in their 2017 Fall Haute Couture Show, which took place in Paris. With celebrities such as Cara Delevingne and Kristen Stewart looking on, the models graced the runway which was situated under, the specially made, Eiffel Tower replica.


The simplistic beauty of Paris was shown through the designers work as the models were dressed in sombre colours. However in contrast to the palette of grey and black walking down the runway, their make-up was bold as each model wore vibrant rainbow eyeshadow.




The Eiffel Tower inspires most of Karl Lagerfeld’s work. Through his designs, you can see the flared structure of the famous attraction mimicked. His fall collection is an array of sophistication. From emphatic coats to patent leather thigh high boots, his creations were a breath-taking portrayal of elegance.




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