Chanel Will Launch ‘Coco Beach’ Their First Swimwear Line | Fashion News

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Chanel Will Launch ‘Coco Beach’ Their First Swimwear Line | Fashion News


Karl Lagerfeld has decided to extend beyond the lines of clothes and accessories that Chanel produces annually. The creative director of the French brand will launch two new capsule collections: Coco Beach swimwear and Coco Neige dedicated to snow clothes.


As WWD has recently reported, the idea was born when the designer was on holiday in Saint-Tropez and visited one of the brand’s stores. He then realized that a beach section was missing since there was not much to offer for those who were travelling to the coast.



“We have about 30 shops in coastal locations and, in June and July, when cities as Cannes, Nice, Capri, Barcelona or Florida are incredibly crowded, our boutiques are already offering the winter collections”, explained Bruno Pavlovsky, president of the fashion division in Chanel. Due to this, the intention of the ‘Maison’ is to satisfy the needs of their buyers, adapting the lines according to the season.


Coco Beach will consist of swimsuits, bikinis, shorts, bandanas, purses and espadrilles – everything necessary to be able to go to the beach as glamorous as possible.


On the other hand, Coco Neige will be on sale along with the next autumn-winter line in all the shops and at the ski resorts where they have boutiques.








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