Chanel’s Latest Short Movie Will Get You Emotional | Fashion News


The life of Gabrielle Chanel was extraordinary, mainly for giving birth to one of the most iconic fashion houses of all times.


What maybe you don’t know yet is that Chanel was a wise woman who left many teachings in heritage. For that reason, Inside Chanel tells her story through a series of short films.


In the latest episode, they cast the light on Chanel’s eagerness to live in the present in a very – unexpected – emotional and deep way.


The film, named The Time Of Chanel, shows visual structures of Paris and amazing Chanel watch faces, while a mechanical-like narrator voice delivers deep and philosophical messages. Chanel’s work “invites women to be beautiful and free to march at their own beat” because “it is not time itself that matters, but what you do with it”.


Chanel really makes us think.


Watch the inspiring short movie below:




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