Channel 4 Renews ‘Humans’ For Season Two | TV News


With the finale to season one of Humans set to be aired in the UK tomorrow (or in two weeks Stateside), AMC and Channel 4 have announced the renewal of the sci-fi drama for another season. The show will return for a further eight episodes next year.


Humans takes place in our world with a small difference. Integrated with a very realistic version of our world are artificial intelligence robots named “synths”. These humanoid androids are very simplistic in their actions, emotions and technology. The show tackles complications in the cleverness of technology and the future of technology, through the focus of humanity’s reaction to adapting to share the planet with human-like robots.


Humans stars Gemma Chan as main Synth Anita, with Tom Goodman-Hill and Katherine Parkinson as her primary owners and heads of the Hawkins family. Lucy Carless, Theo Stevenson and Pixie Davies play the Hawkins children, yet it is unconfirmed if the focus on the Hawkins family will continue over to season two as ‘hybrid’ synths Max, Fred, Leo and Niska – played by Ivanno Jeremiah, Sope Dirisu, Colin Morgan and Emily Berrington respectively – become more prominent towards the end of the first season. But what we can expect is more of a moral struggle for humanity, and what it means to be human.



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