Channing Tatum Reveals Being Forced To Star In ‘G.I Joe’ | Film News

Channing Tatum stars in a new teaser trailer for biopic ‘Foxcatcher’


Channing Tatum reveals that he was forced into taking the lead in the G.I Joe: The Rise Of Cobra film. Speaking to Howard Stern, he said, “look, I’ll be honest. I f***ing hate that movie, I hate that movie“. Tatum signed onto a three film contract with Paramount when he starred in Coach Carter but when the company offered him the GI Joe role, he was less than thrilled, as he wanted to play ‘Snake Eyes’, Ray Park’s character. However, according to Tatum, when he tried to say no, the studio threatened to take legal action. So he just took the role… at least you got paid Tatum. G.I Joe: The Rise Of Cobra went on to make $302 million worldwide.



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