Channing Tatum To Star In Drama ‘Soundtrack Of Silence’ | Film News


Channing Tatum hasn’t been seen on the silver screen in two years (in live-action form, anyway). For those wanting their Tatum fix, you’re in luck. The actor has signed on to star in a drama titled Soundtrack Of Silence.


The film “chronicles Matt and Nora Hay‘s journey to preserve love in a world without sound, and how some of the greatest songs of all time helped them do it”. Hay learned as a sophomore in college that he would soon go deaf, so he memorised his favourite songs in order to preserve his most important memories, which included how he fell in love with his girlfriend and future wife, Nora.


The film references the hit Simon & Garfunkel song – which doesn’t have the greatest track record in recent years. The Sound Of Silence got poor reviews and 2017’s The Only Living Boy In New York was a trainwreck – and the film is expected to be a musical-based tearjerker romance. It’s based on a true story, too. Bring the tissues!


Tatum will also produce the film for Paramount, and Jamie Linden has written the script. He’s written another Tatum film before – 2010’s Dear John. A director is not yet on board.


Tatum used to be seen as a bit of a joke thanks to roles as a male stripper and in ostensibly dumb comedies, but not only were those roles actually good, they led to bigger things such as Foxcatcher and Side Effects.


Luckily, after a bit of a break, he’s back. Soundtrack Of Silence isn’t the only film Tatum has in the works, either. He will also star in the Ryan Reynolds comedy Free Guy, which is due next year.



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