Channing Tatum’s ‘Gambit’ Pulled From Release Date | Film News

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Channing Tatum’s ‘Gambit’ Pulled From Release Date | Film News



You could be forgiven for forgetting about this one; what with Deadpool carving out its place as the superhero to beat at the box office and X-Men: Apocalypse on the horizon, its understandable if Channing Tatum’s X-Men spin-off Gambit wasn’t on your radar.


With an original target release date sitting vaguely in November or October this year, Gambit has now been pulled out of 20th Century Fox’s release schedule altogether. The truly worrying aspect is that they haven’t announced a new date for the film.


The project is being produced by Simon Kinberg and Lauren Schuler Donner and it has a script written by Josh Zetumer. Channing Tatum and Léa Seydoux are the only confirmed cast members for the project, but with no release date forthcoming, will Gambit be stuck in production limbo? The only way we can know is if Fox announce a far more pragmatic 2017 release date.



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