Charli XCX + Lil Yacthy – After The Afterparty (Danny L Harle Remix) | New Music



The PC Music DJ, Danny L Harle, has taken Charli XCX single, “After The Afterparty”, and turned it into a dark, slightly creepy and yet addicting remix which will either make you dance or give you nightmares for the next couple of days.


“After The Afterparty” came out on November 1, and the tune was the usual Charli XCX style: pop banger that has been blowing up, a song about not caring and partying till you drop. The remix has kept the melody but added rock undertones and completely turned the song around, making it a dark remix that we don’t hate.


It’s definitely something different, nothing we wouldn’t expect from both PC Music and Charli XCX.




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