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Charli XCX has unleashed a rant of fury on Twitter aimed at gig critics. On Monday (August 10), the singer posted a series of Twitter updates making a particular point regarding criticism over ‘minimal production’. She said: “Whenever reviewers criticize my show for having ‘minimal production’, I literally want to smash their face into a wall, like honestly, are you watching a different show or can you not see the 16 neon-outlined amplifiers, the giant inflatable heart and the staircase?“.


She then politely said “ALSO if you’re gonna slam me for playing an inflatable guitar, honestly you can go f**k yourself“. Critics want to diss her about minimal production fair enough it’s their opinion but remember when Kayne West stood on Glastonbury stage under lights on his own!?! #JustSaying Charli XCX is currently working on her next album which will be a follow up from Sucker. Watch the video for Charli XCX’s “Famous” below.




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