Charli XCX’s New Album Will Be Out Very Soon | Music News

charli xcx


It’s been almost six months since British popstar Charli XCX released her EP, Vroom Vroom, which was met with critical acclaim and praised for its forward-thinking sound. Now Charli is back with more info about her third, yet untitled, third album.


When briefly interviewed by a journalist from the Evening Standard, she reassured her fans by saying that the album will be out very soon, as she is putting the final touches to it, as well as stating it is going to be her most pop record.


This comes as no surprise considering the London-based popstar already confirmed the album will be entirely produced by SOPHIE and the rest of the PC Music crew, famous for their bubblegum aesthetic and futuristic pop sound.


Listen to “Vroom Vroom”, Charli’s latest single, below and stay tuned for more info about #XCX3




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