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Charlie XCX must know a lot about crazy nights and she just wants to share her expertise with all of us.


First she came up with the party anthem “After The After Party“, which needs no explanation, and now the singer has decided to ditch the boys and all those romantic dates and to call up on a “Girls Night Out” in her brand new single.


The song, a disco-pop anthem about enjoying a night out with your girlfriends, is a summer bop ready to boost you up before you are leaving the house, heading to some nice, fancy club.


All of the usual pick up lines are here, from “when we’re out at the Weekend/R.I.P to the club” to “‘Cause we walk in and kill it/ DJ, hey, turn it up“. The way has been paved and now it’s up to you girls to put your hills on and hit the club.


Apart from the not so original theme, there are never enough girls’ empowering anthems, so I’ll take this one, with all its cheesy lines and I’ll bust my moves on the dancefloor regardless.


Charlie XCX, who is currently opening for pop-queen herself Taylor Swift, has definitely more to offer than this single, as previous releases “Focus” and “No Angel” demonstrate, but we will have to do with what we get since there is still no sign of an upcoming album from the singer.


Listen to “Girls Night Out” here:




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