Charlotte Gainsbourg And Hugh Bonneville To Star In Spy Thriller ‘Lives In Secret’ | Film News


Resident Evil director Jeremy Bolt is back with a new spy thriller called Lives In Secret, starring Hugh Bonneville and Charlotte Gainsbourg.


In this film, Gainsbourg will play the the role of Vera Atkins, a World War II secret agent who set out to discover the fate of the missing agents she had sent to occupied France after the conflict.


The film is adapted from the book A Life in Secrets by Sarah Helm, which deals with the true story of Atkins, an agent in the French intelligence section of the Special Operation Executive, who trained and sent hundreds of agents to occupied France, many of whom did not return.


This agent also participated in the interrogation of Rudolf Hess, the famous commandant of the Auschwitz concentration camp. During the interrogation, Atkins sought answers to the fate of those spies who did not return home.


Awarded the Legion of Honour by the French government in 1995 for her actions in the war, Atkins was cited as a source of inspiration for the character of Miss Moneypenny in Ian Fleming’s James Bond novels.


Filming for the project, which was previously to be called Night And Fog, is tentatively scheduled for the autumn of 2021.



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