Check Out This ‘Suicide Squad’ Teaser For The Joker | Film Trailer



The release date for DC’s upcoming cinematic venture of a ragtag group of Superhero-Villains (?) is fast approaching, and this time we finally get a glimpse of the big bad megalomaniac himself.


Portrayed by the ever multi talented personality known as Jared Leto, much of his iteration of the Joker has maintained a sense of ambiguity and silence. Previous teasers and trailers have shown him in increasingly menacing lights, but not as much as in this new clip released by Warner Brothers.


Here, we also see a few scenes between Joker and Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) which certainly solidifies the film’s intent in explaining their relationship. Batman’s appearance is also completely confirmed for this film, though his role being a primary character or simply a cameo is still put into question.


Suicide Squad will be released this coming August 4th, so get your crazy hats on!




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