Cheshire And Phoebe Jacobs Deliver Dynamic New Song ‘Hope’ | Music News


Instrumentalist and DJ Cheshire has collaborated with singer Phoebe Jacobs for a brand new song titled “Hope”. This project is one of many from Cheshire, who will focus on having more collaborations with various artists as he did here with Phoebe.


The song starts off with only Phoebe’s voice, and then an explosion of drums, piano, and the saxophone that really brings an added dimension to the song, it gives it a meaning behind these lyrics. It is a powerful, soulful track along with Phoebe’s strong voice and the support of double bass maestro Alex Tilly.


The track has an inspiring deep neo-soul vibe, giving to the beautiful solos of Phoebe but also of the instruments. A melodic piano and percussive double bass. “Hope” is a simple reminder that we are actually all human beings, just trying to make sense of the uncertain.


The single is more than giving hope and giving a dynamic vibe, it was written as a reaction. A reaction to the division and social isolation that has developed even further recently, in between countries and people. Here, “Hope” is to show listeners that by coming together, we create positive change.


Regards Cheshire, after 8 years in the dance music scene, he has taken time to rest and reflect during the last year of change, which isn’t that surprising considering the situation. For him, this meant more time with nature, building community, basically creating a massive reset, and getting better to create exciting projects.


As Cheshire expressed: “Finding music again was an amazing feeling, just playing the keys for the sake of playing without any external pressure, […] ideas flow through me and into my music which gave me a new respect and passion for creating“.


Both artists have done a great job here, to give us hope, for a better life and to never give up on anything we started. We are excited to see and listen to more from Cheshire’s future projects and collaborations to come.


Listen to the dynamic song “Hope” here:




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