Chet Faker Announces New Album And Releases New Single ‘Whatever Tomorrow’ | Music News


Chet Faker has just announced yesterday the release of his new single “Whatever Tomorrow”, and with it the announcement that his next album studio Hotel Surrender on its way for the winter.


The artist also recently dropped two release with the tracks “Get High” and “Low” that are now joined by “Whatever Tomorrow”, which will be part of the upcoming 10-track album, and comes with visuals that have been revealed at the same time, with a vintage retro look and a 70’s aesthetic.


Hotel Surrender will only be second album from the Australian singer and song-writer under his pseudonym, as he also released some projects under his real name, Nick Murphy. Concerning the mood of this forthcoming release, it will be based on introspection, as Murphy composed most of the songs during March of last year, when the whole world was basically ‘on pause’.


Concerning “Whatever Tomorrow”, Chet Faker has explained a little more about what the single is about, and has stated “It’s a rebellion to this idea that you have to wait for the things you need. It felt like we were being sold tomorrow and we were paying for today. I was saying, ‘F**k your tomorrow, we deserve our lives now’”.


We can’t wait for the album, and we advise you to stay tuned for this release. In the meantime you can listen to “Whatever Tomorrow” here:




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